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Countdown to #CESlive

We’ve loaded the truck and John P. and Mark Ramsey will be heading to Vegas Friday morning. You can keep up with all our coverage at geekbeat.tv/ceslive! We want to thank our amazing sponsors, Seidio, QNAP, and Vizzywig for making our #CESlive coverage possible! Show them some love!

Marriage Proposal in a Video Game

Okay, so it’s the New Year. Two geeks are starting it off right with a very geeky marriage proposal. Robert Fink wanted to propose to his girlfriend, so he and a couple game designer friends popped the question into a game called Knight Man.

The Tech Future of Coat Checking

The ECLIPS system gives us a look at the future of coat checks. Instead of handing a slip to each and every person, you use this device to stamp the person’s hand with invisible ink, then attach the associated LED light to the coat. When they come back, scan the stamp and the right coat… or the right LED light… will shine bright. No mistakes!

A Better Brain in 2014

Want to have a better brain in 2014? Lumosity can help! Just go to lumosity.com/geekbeat to get instant access. It’s like a personal trainer for your brain!

First Cut for One-Way Trip to Mars

Remember that one-way trip to Mars we were talking about a while back? Well, out of 200,000 people that applied, 1,058 have made the first cut and will be tested to see if they can go further in the process.

Egg Lets Your Cat Play While You’re Away

Here’s a Kickstarter project your cat will love! It’s called Egg. Cause it looks like an egg… And it’s designed to give your kitty a little automated friend while you’re at work. Looks like it’ll become a reality! With 24 days still to go, it’s more than doubled the original goal.

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