WWDC 2013 Brings Updates to iOS, OS X, MacBook Air and Mac Pro

The 2013 WWDC keynote brought some cool news and a lot of updates from Apple. John P and I give you a quick wrap-up of the highlights, including updates to the MacBook Air, iOS 7, the latest version of OS X, and a radically redesigned MacPro.

Was there something in the announcements that particularly caught your attention? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Myra says

    I’m with ya, Cali — I hate automatic updates. I don’t want that at all. I used to update all my apps all the time, but got sick of good apps releasing updates that were buggy (or that added ads!). And I don’t want my bandwidth/battery being sucked up downloading updates for apps I don’t use much.
    Am not a big fan of iCloud stuff. I like to be able to operate when I don’t have internet, without the machine wasting time trying to connect. (Or I just have bad luck with computers. I can believe that.)

    But I love hearing about updates!
    Interesting to see what’s new and your guys’ take on it. :)

  2. Kelly Mecham says

    Hi Cali

    I agree with Erwin, Kien should have had a seat at the big kids table. For this forum it really seams that we were benefiting from his input. Also Cali, you are the sparkling center of the show.

  3. Erwin van Beek says

    Hi Geekbeat

    Let me start of by saying that I love your show. I’ve been a viewer since the early days, even before Geekbeat. Today I watched your WWDC show and was kind of anoyed with the show.
    It wasn’t the content, that was fine, but please, please, please stop discussing features with someone who is off screen and doesn’t have a microfone. It is hardly possible to understand this person or persons, so you’re missing half the story.
    I really hope you never do this again, because it makes the show unprofessional.

    Regards, Erwin
    From The Netherlands

    • Profile photo of Cali Lewis says

      My apologies for that, Erwin. We all thought Kien was mic’d. Something went wrong technically speaking, and it didn’t come through. Obviously, we never like to do that and wouldn’t have if we’d known. :)

  4. says

    Keith, Veerle and Roopak – sorry you guys were disappointed in the coverage! While I appreciate the comments that you’d like to hear more from me, I think you’re being pretty darn hard on John!

    As Tim mentioned above, John and I have different approaches and reactions. The difference of our approaches is often well accepted by the audience. This was recorded literally RIGHT after the announcement. All the information was fresh, incomplete from Apple, and that’s the way it always is with announcements. So these are raw thoughts you’re hearing.

    When it comes to Apple, people get defensive. When it comes to Android, people get defensive. We both try to be balanced in our coverage, and break through marketing speak to get to the real deal.

    John’s a passionate guy! And a TON of knowledge and real life experience that fuels his comments. And he has an absolute right to his opinion, just as you all do. Let’s not jump on each others’ backs just because we disagree with comments made!

    • Mel Chandler says


      I have loved watching your well informed and considered comments about
      tech for. many years.
      on this preview…
      tell John to do his research:
      1) Macs don’t have “C and D drives”- comment about finder tabs.
      2) It was stated in the WWDC keynote that they would be coming out with new updates
      for iWork at the end of the year.
      3) I could go on…..
      As usual your showed your class, when the passionate guy was just sharing
      his ‘opinions.’Would’ve loved to hear more from you and well informed Ken.

      Guess I’ll. go and listen to we’ll informed comments on Macbreak Weekly.

      Mel C

  5. Roopak says

    Totally agree with Veerle and Keith. Veerle you totally said what I have been feeling recently: “Cali, always the sparkling center of the show, has eventually been demoted to noddig sidekick. Used to love the show, now watching fewer and fewer times.”

  6. Veerle says

    I just totally agree with Keith. Not a bit of nuance in J.P’s loadmouth comments. Cali, always the sparkling center of the show, has eventually been demoted to noddig sidekick. Used to love the show, now watching fewer and fewer times.

  7. Tim in SLC says

    In response to Keith, I don’t think JohnP did anything different that he has normally done. This was basically a “gut reaction” segment, giving their thoughts as they came to them. If you have watched this show for a while, or if you have read reviews by John, you would know that this is the way he is. He’s always skeptical of marketing hype, especially from Apple, and isn’t usually into features that portend to “revolutionize” when there hasn’t been a model of it being successful so far. The “Tags” feature is one of those things that we’ll just have to wait and see if it works or not. I think JohnP was right about how tagging in general works great with photos and movies, but other things like spreadsheets and presentations don’t work so well. In response to JohnP’s question about Finder across multiple screens, I think it was answered when they showed you can drag and drop items between tabs, so all you would really need to do is has two full screen finder windows open on both screens and just drag between tabs. Clearly, JohnP is not an “Apple Hater”, or “Spewer of hateness”, but rather comes at it from a very critical point of view. He likes Windows, he likes Android, so he will compare anything Apple comes out with to them, as will Cali. Now, I think Cali is more reserved in her judgments and comments, preferring to gather more information and actually using stuff before coming out negatively on something, but that’s not John’s style. Never has been, and as successful as he has been, I think it’s worked out alright for both of them. On the subject of the new Mac Pro, though, I think JohnP’s frame of mindset is with the same crowd that screamed when the original iMac came out. “No floppy drive??!!??” kept coming to mind as I heard him rant. A lot of people (including him, it seems) just wanted Apple to give them a better version of what they already had and were used to. Instead, Apple decided to change the game. They decided that a system with more flexibility and outside the comfort zone was better than one with less flexibility but more comfortable. Wouldn’t a system that included a new Mac Pro, BlackMagic and Drobo meet the requirements for LL studios, and at the same time, blow the pants off any other system you could put together? Would that also take up less space, power, etc.? And, as a response to a particular criticism, you can daisy chain up to two drives per thunderbolt port (10w, each drive using 5w), so technically you could power twelve drives with no power bricks. Add another couple of USB3 drives, also powered by the bus, and the power brick quip is really a non-issue. Drobo for editing space, thunderbolt drives for camera video (or how about a P2 to thunderbolt adapter?), BlackMagic thunderbolt for live camera capture (definitely supports multiple cameras), and I’d say you would have a system that would blow the doors off any you have now.

  8. Keith Boone says

    Perhaps the highest degree of letdown I have ever heard spewed, and yes i intended to use spewed. I guess in your 99.9% spewed negative rant, there seemed to be a format (good cop bad cop) however it was totally one-sided. If not for Ken in the background, the voice of reason, this recap seemed if it had come form an 1995 windows only world/ Mac haters. Callie, you seemed to be the good cop (seemed) who was totally over powered by big mouth bad cop John. I have always enjoyed your program (and I take the good with the bad) because of the through & fact checking associated with good reporting. In this case John was wrong on so many things I could not and do not have the time to name them all. When completely dismissing the functionally of “Tag’s” is was Ken the voice of actual knowledge, who correctly pointed out just one of the many ways it can and will be implemented. And really in a segment dedicated to the results of Apple’s announcements, front and center you have a windows machine. I can live with that but dumb. I’m choosing to end here because I don’t want to do the very thing I am correctly accusing you of. A totally one sided rant. The problems with a review/recap of this nature is (and you know this all to well) the damage is done. When you do come to understand the direction of the new “Power Mac” (and I know you think you do today, but you clearly don’t) you at that time will never have the interest of the listeners that you have today. Many people like myself, who flock to your site for reasonable opinion good and bad. One of your suggestions to Apple, might be to go back and rethink your new direction and new designs. JOHN should at that time do the same. He should play this show back without interruption and then critique himself. If he concludes, a job well done, well then I stand corrected. However I’d find that to be impossible, given the high degree of crap and totally without thought commentary (if you can call it that) was mused. My biggest disappointment is with you Cali. Because if and when you have a look back, you will clearly see several times on you face, many moments of being uncomfortable and not quite agreeing with bad cop. But you didi nothing to challenge him. So here’s my suggestion for your show. Give a segment to Ken.