Zynga Buys Draw Something Maker OMGPOP for Around $200 Million

The game Draw Something has been quite the rage around the Livid Lobster offices recently. And we’re not the only ones – it’s currently topping the iTunes Store charts in both the paid and free apps categories.

Such quick success (the game has only been out for about six weeks) doesn’t go unnoticed, and game giant Zynga (the company behind FarmVille and all the other Villes) is now buying developer OMGPOP for a rumored value of around $200 million dollars, according reports on CNET and All Things D.

The purchase is reminiscent of Zynga’s acquisition of New Toy Inc., originator of Words with Friends, about about 15 months ago. Zynga is definitely on the lookout for hot games that top the App Store’s sales charts and get people talking on social media. Draw Sometrhing is a lot like Words with Friends in that way.

Zynga has a news announcement scheduled for 3 PM Eastern, where it’s expected they will officially announce the acquisition and may give further details.